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4 Big Mistakes in Retirement Planning: Inadequate Savings

Retirement planning can be a complicated and difficult process. There are many moving pieces involved in putting together the retirement puzzle. Even once a plan is formed, any number of life events may come along to completely change your situation. In light of this, we wanted to start a series of posts covering some common mistakes people make in planning for retirement. The first mistake we will cover in the series is an inadequate saving strategy. In the last few decades, the retirement landscape has changed. Traditional retirement fund vehicles such as defined benefit pensions are quickly becoming less and

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HSA vs IRA for Retirement Savings

Using an HSA as another way to save for retirement is something we have been recommended for several years. While HSAs should never fully replace other retirement savings, the truth is, much of a future retirees’ spending will be on healthcare expenses. While the comparison to employer matched 401(k)s will always be situational, many times depending on the match formula used by the employer, HSAs will almost always be a good secondary savings vehicle. For those savings for a successful retirement, rules of thumb recommend savings of 12% or more. If you consider an employee who receives a 50% match

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